The “Tower of David”

Realizing on my mental quest to the Holly Land since October 7th, 2023, (Just a little curious, not scared or anything… well at least it got me over watching pandemic movies), that the Palestinian Authority wants their capital in East Jerusalem (which by the way encompasses the Old City). I thought I’d take a look around and see what they would be getting. This may take me a while…

But this stuck out – the Tower of David.

Now that sounds really Jewish. I had to look.

It looks like the Jews are trying to cop this spot even though it is inside, though right on the edge of, “Occupied Territory”.

What the heck are they thinking? Oh, Tower of David, right. So the Jews think just because it is called the Tower of David they have some claim to it. As the comment said: The Jews are trying to make history… (I think he means – make it up). Those rocks look pretty real to me.