Free Gaza

It is Christmas 2023. Israel is bombing the shit out of the Gaza Strip after Hamas pulled one of the most daring, crazy, well executed attacks a non-country ever did. Even a real country does not normally fly over barriers undetected to float down into their neighboring enemies unsuspecting towns past their billion dollar surveillance wall. Not usual, plus horrifyingly, to rape and kill purposefully. Really ugly. At this point in time, Israel has sent a massive ground force into Gaza and over 20,000 Gaza people have been killed.


To be fair, all I ever heard about was Gaza being an open air prison. So the prisoners escaped. They took some really nasty revenge while out of their confines. Disturbing to see it pour out: The pent up hate and frustration from being cooped up in that tiny strip of land, and what it did to these people.

So, Israel, FREE GAZA! Acquire North and South Sinai for your own national security. Much better border and lots of room for everybody. I know you Israelis would do a nice job with it, fix it up, and give those poor people in Gaza a safe place to go.