Where the fuck did you come from? Oh, I forgot [and I actually did, since ’96] that you even existed.

I remember you, you were with Yasser back in the day, when terrorists were just true revolutionaries and it was so glamorous. 70’s, 80’s, very hot. You guys must have had a ball [see Him & Hers post].

And now the infatada rages on, and you are concerned with women’s issues. Huh, how lame. Doesn’t it make you feel old and grandmaee to be stuck at home while your side is raping and pillaging? I mean that beats blowing up a bus. Sad, you must feel so out of it.

If I was a terrorist, and you were my enemy, what would I do to you, in here…

I’ve watched your interviews, read about you, etc.

You are quite a frightening person, Hannan.