Hims & Hers

I have been watching these folk’s commercials for some time now.

This is what they do:

Hims provides prescriptions for sexual performance and erectile dysfunction treatments, as well as medications for hair regrowth, weight loss, anxiety and skin treatment. The company rebranded as Hims & Hers after launching the Hers brand to sell birth control pills and medication to stimulate sexual desire in pre-menopausal women.


I saw this in one of their commercials and it freaked me out. (I think it straps onto a penis)

But now you can find that brand of those things on ebay and Amazon, so they are selling these now.

Intifada Intifada, long live the Intifada

Why do I bring this up?

This Hims & Hers company is sponsoring the Pro-Palestinian Protests on campus. — Kidding, they just came out with this statement on twitter: The founder and CEO of telehealth and online pharmacy Hims took to social media Wednesday to encourage anti-Israel protesters on college campuses to continue in those efforts because companies like his will be “eager” to hire them. [Read the Rest…]

Why do I find this funny?

Not quite sure…