Please FREE Gaza

This has been going on for so long now. The hatred could not be thicker. This situation only slaps down both sides.

Do you think me foolish about Sinai?

Do you think that the Israelis are controlling monsters who only care about themselves? Do you think the Palestinians are spoiled leaches who will hurt anything and anyone in an intifada temper tantrum in the name of “by any means necessary”?

The goal of finally conquering the holy land is within reach. They want the old city. How original. Like how many others before?

Can the hate fade enough to create a new country?

A place not based on hate. Not based on love either. Just a country where people can live. Nothing more.

Not dramatic enough for the terrorist inclined? Well, how about this guys: You could be your badass selves in another context. You could. I have seen these boys fight. They good. They real good. Shit, homemade munitions beating the West’s stuff. Fun to watch, for sure.

Sinai Special Forces with these boys could rival the best of them if they were to learn, train, and excel in a real military environment. From what I have heard from these Hamas fighters themselves… they would love it.

You guys could be the best and protect your own people in your own country, instead of hurt them. You don’t really need to be the country’s ruler. Just have a fair country that takes care of you so you take care of it. Not Jihad, but still fun.

Like these guys…

Best Special Forces in the World

Force – Country
Special Naval Warfare Force – Spain
EKO Cobra – Austria
Joint Task Force 2 (JTF 2) – Canada
Polish GROM – Poland
Snow Leopard Commando Unit – China
Sayeret Matkal – Israel
Gruppo di Intervento Speciale (GIS) – Italy
Alpha Group – Russia
Navy SEALs – United States
Marcos – India

I really believe it is time that these poor folks in Gaza have a stable, sane place to live. So let’s free Gaza, and everybody else for that matter.

Free Gaza >