Where the fuck did you come from? Oh, I forgot [and I actually did, since ’96] that you even existed.

I remember you, you were with Yasser back in the day, when terrorists were just true revolutionaries and it was so glamorous. 70’s, 80’s, very hot. You guys must have had a ball [see Him & Hers post].

And now the infatada rages on, and you are concerned with women’s issues. Huh, how lame. Doesn’t it make you feel old and grandmaee to be stuck at home while your side is raping and pillaging? I mean that beats blowing up a bus. Sad, you must feel so out of it.

I’ve watched your interviews, read about you, etc.

You are quite a frightening person, Hannan.

Please FREE Gaza

This has been going on for so long now. The hatred could not be thicker. This situation only slaps down both sides.

Do you think me foolish about Sinai?

Do you think that the Israelis are controlling monsters who only care about themselves? Do you think the Palestinians are spoiled leaches who will hurt anything and anyone in an intifada temper tantrum in the name of “by any means necessary”?

The goal of finally conquering the holy land is within reach. They want the old city. How original. Like how many others before?

Can the hate fade enough to create a new country?

A place not based on hate. Not based on love either. Just a country where people can live. Nothing more.

Not dramatic enough for the terrorist inclined? Well, how about this guys: You could be your badass selves in another context. You could. I have seen these boys fight. They good. They real good. Shit, homemade munitions beating the West’s stuff. Fun to watch, for sure.

Sinai Special Forces with these boys could rival the best of them if they were to learn, train, and excel in a real military environment. From what I have heard from these Hamas fighters themselves… they would love it.

You guys could be the best and protect your own people in your own country, instead of hurt them. You don’t really need to be the country’s ruler. Just have a fair country that takes care of you so you take care of it. Not Jihad, but still fun.

Like these guys…

Best Special Forces in the World

Force – Country
Special Naval Warfare Force – Spain
EKO Cobra – Austria
Joint Task Force 2 (JTF 2) – Canada
Polish GROM – Poland
Snow Leopard Commando Unit – China
Sayeret Matkal – Israel
Gruppo di Intervento Speciale (GIS) – Italy
Alpha Group – Russia
Navy SEALs – United States
Marcos – India

I really believe it is time that these poor folks in Gaza have a stable, sane place to live. So let’s free Gaza, and everybody else for that matter.

Free Gaza >

Hims & Hers

I have been watching these folk’s commercials for some time now.

This is what they do:

Hims provides prescriptions for sexual performance and erectile dysfunction treatments, as well as medications for hair regrowth, weight loss, anxiety and skin treatment. The company rebranded as Hims & Hers after launching the Hers brand to sell birth control pills and medication to stimulate sexual desire in pre-menopausal women.


I saw this in one of their commercials and it freaked me out. (I think it straps onto a penis)

But now you can find that brand of those things on ebay and Amazon, so they are selling these now.

Intifada Intifada, long live the Intifada

Why do I bring this up?

This Hims & Hers company is sponsoring the Pro-Palestinian Protests on campus. — Kidding, they just came out with this statement on twitter: The founder and CEO of telehealth and online pharmacy Hims took to social media Wednesday to encourage anti-Israel protesters on college campuses to continue in those efforts because companies like his will be “eager” to hire them. [Read the Rest…]

Why do I find this funny?

Not quite sure…

The Hague

Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand (Dutch); born 27 April 1967 is King of the Netherlands.

King Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand
King Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand
Now, why do I mention this? At the time of this writing we are waiting to hear if the ICC: The International Criminal Court, which is in The Netherlands, will issue subpoenas for the arrest of members of the government of Israel.

Here’s a link to the International Criminal Court (ICC) web page on The Netherlands Government website >

Now I wonder, who put this monarchy in charge of the world?

The guy who is running the show over there is King of the Netherlands. Is this 2024?

The “Tower of David”

Realizing on my mental quest to the Holly Land since October 7th, 2023, (Just a little curious, not scared or anything… well at least it got me over watching pandemic movies), that the Palestinian Authority wants their capital in East Jerusalem (which by the way encompasses the Old City). I thought I’d take a look around and see what they would be getting. This may take me a while…

But this stuck out – the Tower of David.

Now that sounds really Jewish. I had to look.

It looks like the Jews are trying to cop this spot even though it is inside, though right on the edge of, “Occupied Territory”.

What the heck are they thinking? Oh, Tower of David, right. So the Jews think just because it is called the Tower of David they have some claim to it. As the comment said: The Jews are trying to make history… (I think he means – make it up). Those rocks look pretty real to me.

Pass the Hat

So Israel and Jewish People everywhere, pass the hat and purchase North and South Sinai from Egypt. Take that problem off their hands.

Offer the people of Gaza a place to live and grow as citizens. Free and equal. Having that much land (not to mention the beachfront property) will make the Arabs respect you. You’ll see.

Free Gaza!

C’mon Egypt, solve this problem with us-(The West and all sane people that are sick of this horror!) and we will love you forever.

The United Nations

WTF UN? I’m starting to come to some strange conclusions regarding this whole “conflict” situation in Israel.

Now, I can hear it in my head: International Law, bla, bla, bla… shoot. You guys have been validating terrorist exploiters since 1988!

There, I said it.

This is what I know of the PLO: Google Search for PLO 1980 >

Initially, as a guerrilla organization, the PLO performed actions against Israel in the 1970s and early 1980s, regarded as terrorist activities by Israel and regarded as a war of liberation by the PLO.

In 1988 after years of terror attacks by the PLO and this guy above, the United Nations validated these terrorists and to this day continue to insist they share a tiny piece of land with Israel. The organization also declares East Jerusalem (The Old City of Jerusalem is in East Jerusalem) their capital. How nice for them.


Here is a link to a thesis paper (PDF) titled – Terrorism and the PLO The Effectiveness of Terrorism as a Political Tool.

That paper (I just found it in a search online) was originally written in 2015 for an undergraduate or Master’s program. It contains a very cold, rational account of the rise of the PLO.

Temple Mount

Google describes this place as – Hilltop site also called the Noble Sanctuary containing Islamic, Christian & Jewish structures.

I don’t see any Jewish or Christian structures up there, but maybe I am missing them.

I think we have gotten to the heart of it. Look at this piece of real estate. Amazing. It is the highest spot in the holy city of Jersalem. This is where the king lived. This is where the temple stood. A wide, flat plateau with a spectacular view of the surrounding area.

The Arabs have control of this spot, mostly. Jews have some jurisdiction, but not really…

I tell you, I really think that the history of this place, Israel, is both the draw and the thing that is holding it back.

This is underneath all problems. It is truly at the heart of it. It is the most core metaphysics that there is. This spot has been overrun and destroyed by it a number of times. Written history, proof. It is what their (Jews) story is about. Left Hand vs Right Hand, I don’t need food from you.

So, I think even though it is strange; that a Moslem Mosque sits at the top of the holiest of places. It may be okay. It may keep everything in check. They can all keep an eye on each other, these holy people. Please rat each other out if anybody’s getting funny.

On another note, the Sifting Project

This to me is modern day Jews. (I just found this! Did not know about it. So sorry Jewish people.)

Our project began in 1999 when the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement conducted illegal renovations on the Temple Mount and disposed of over 9,000 tons of dirt mixed with invaluable archaeological artifacts.

Read more about the Sifting Project >

Digging in front of Solomon’s Stables (nov. 1999)

Caring about every little piece they can scrounge of their history while others destroy it. Stop the madness!

This idea is movingly expressed in the Book of Psalms:

Thou wilt arise, and have compassion upon Zion; for it is time to be gracious unto her, for the appointed time is come: For your servants have cherished her stones, and have redeemed her dust (Psalms 102: 14-15).

Property Rights

Now, I know that the Palestinians say “This is our land”, just like the Jews say that about the same exact spots.

To me, this is not much of an argument. There are not many people on this planet that do not know the history of the Jews, thanks to the Christians. We all know they were there in (any of these sound familiar?) Judea, Samaria, Bethlehem: AKA The West Bank.

C’mon folks, common knowledge.

I also know, (watch the video from the Rabbi below), that these Palestinians think themselves relatives of the Jews. Jews from Issac and Arabs from Ishmael.

Okay, fine.

The Jews obviously have some kind of responsibility to these Palestinians. Heck, they may be their cousins. But this is over the top I think, even for family. This has turned into an ongoing rudeness to Jews. That the whole world doesn’t just say: “Hey, we know very well that is their land”, must hurt them so much. En mass we are doubting the history they have painstakingly wrote down and kept for thousands of years. It is basically the history of the world as we know it. I feel like we are torturing Jewish people by not acknowledging that. Doing both sides an injustice actually.

But, you really cannot just throw all those Palestinians out in the cold. This is the problem, the Jews can’t do it.

I blame the authorities and I think they are taking advantage of the situation. The normal person stuck in this situation has nowhere to go. I hear it from them over and over in the videos. These people, Palestinians, are stuck. But a few people are getting a lot from the situation and they are not stuck at all. On the contrary. They are on the news all over the world. Dressed very well in fancy places with very important people pleading for the noblest of causes.

I believe in my Sinai solution (see below) for the Gaza problem. What the Israelis need to handle this situation is space. Space to help set people up for success, not ensure their failure. It may also help the people in The West Bank get out from under the yoke of being pawns of “Activists” who desire the importance of having their own country in the most famous place on earth, maybe the most famous place in the Universe.

These Authorities do not play by the same rules as the West.

Property rights in The West Bank:

Palestinian land laws dictate how Palestinians are to handle their ownership of land under the Palestinian National Authority—currently only in the West Bank (see governance of the Gaza Strip). Most notably, these laws prohibit Palestinians from selling any Palestinian-owned lands to “any man or judicial body corporation of Israeli citizenship, living in Israel or acting on its behalf”. These land laws were originally enacted during the Jordanian occupation of the West Bank, which began after Jordan’s partial victory during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War and ended after the sweeping defeat of the Arab coalition to the Israeli military during the 1967 Arab–Israeli War, following which the territory was occupied by Israel. Land sales by Palestinians to Israelis are considered treasonous by the former to the Palestinian national cause because they threaten the aspiration for an independent Palestinian state. The prohibition on land-selling to Israelis in these laws is also stated as enforced in order to “halt the spread of moral, political and security corruption”. Consequently, Palestinians who sell land to Israelis can be sentenced to death under Palestinian governance, although death penalties are seldom carried out; capital punishment has to be approved by the President of the Palestinian National Authority.


The Tinkling of Metal

I have been watching a number of YouTube videos on the subject of Gaza vs Israel. I must admit, I did not know enough about what was really going on there. One part of a video struck me, not all the shots of horror in Israel or Gaza, but a small, common moment. A rocket came in, the Iron Dome shot it down. The people in the video had crouched next to a wall and covered their head and ears when the rocket came in.

Afterwards, one of the men in the video explained this was a common occurrence. The missiles come often. The trick is you get down, cover, the Iron Dome intercepts them, (hopefully) and then you hear the tinkling of metal as the pieces fall to the ground.

This haunts me for some reason.


International law

International law (also known as public international law and the law of nations) is the set of rules, norms, and standards generally recognized as binding between states. It establishes norms for states across a broad range of domains, including war and diplomacy, economic relations, and human rights. International law differs from state-based domestic legal systems in that it is primarily, though not exclusively, applicable to states, rather than to individuals, and operates largely through consent, since there is no universally accepted authority to enforce it upon sovereign states. States may choose to not abide by international law, and even to breach a treaty but such violations, particularly of peremptory norms, can be met with disapproval by others and in some cases coercive action ranging from diplomatic and economic sanctions to war.

Wikipedia >>>

Palestine Update

This video below is titled – The Real Truth Behind Free Palestine Movement – by Rabbi Manis Friedman. I had never heard of this Rabbi, and had not seen him on youtube before. He sounded really cool and sane, mostly, until the end when he declared that he wanted to build the third temple. Sad, he seemed nice.

Rabbi – What is the difference between the left hand and the right? (very important) What would end up happening at the III temple? Who’s on your side? Who’s not… are you sure?

Here’s the video. [At 6:05 in the video timeline is the answer to the core of the argument between Jews and Arabs. Arabs think Ishmael inherits the land and Jews Isaac.]

Free Gaza

It is Christmas 2023. Israel is bombing the shit out of the Gaza Strip after Hamas pulled one of the most daring, crazy, well executed attacks a non-country ever did. Even a real country does not normally fly over barriers undetected to float down into their neighboring enemies unsuspecting towns past their billion dollar surveillance wall. Not usual, plus horrifyingly, to rape and kill purposefully. Really ugly. At this point in time, Israel has sent a massive ground force into Gaza and over 20,000 Gaza people have been killed.


To be fair, all I ever heard about was Gaza being an open air prison. So the prisoners escaped. They took some really nasty revenge while out of their confines. Disturbing to see it pour out: The pent up hate and frustration from being cooped up in that tiny strip of land, and what it did to these people.

So, Israel, FREE GAZA! Acquire North and South Sinai for your own national security. Much better border and lots of room for everybody. I know you Israelis would do a nice job with it, fix it up, and give those poor people in Gaza a safe place to go.

The Blood Moon

Pope is coming to the USA, Philadelphia, and so is the blood moon, Sept. 27th, 2015.

All the talk of Anti-Christ and end of days prophecy is nonsense. Oh, it is the end of days, no doubt. But I doubt very much there is or will be a man that’s the Anti-Christ. That sounds silly and small to me.

What would be Anti-Christ?

What was Jonah talking about with his left hand right hand comments? Don’t know their left hand from their right?


Demons. What are they? Are they in us? That would explain the why about many things. So many things… How can good people do bad things? Why is the world so bad to good people? What the hell is going on around here?

Are demons in us?

Yeah, but sometimes they’re nice.